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Here are a few of the questions we are frequently asked about hiring a van from Gosport Van Hire. If there is something else you'd like to know or ask about then please speak to us - we are always happy to help...


When can I collect the van?

You can collect the vehicle at an agreed time suitable to your needs within our opening hours.

When can I return the van?

You can return the vehicle at any time (during our opening hours or when we are closed) providing it is within the agreed length of time the insurance cover is paid for.

What fuel should I top up with?

All our vans are diesel vans.

Are the vans manual or automatic drive?

All our vans have a manual gearbox.

Is breakdown cover included?

In the unlikely event that your van breaks down, all our vehicles have AA Nationwide breakdown cover at no extra cost. Please note that AA cover excludes a call-out for putting the wrong fuel in to the van's tank. If you re-fuel and incorrectly put in petrol rather than the correct diesel the AA will require you to pay for their services which cost in the region of £100-500.  

How can I pay?

Payment is by debit or credit card or in cash (if cash we will still require your credit/debit card details).

We do not take a booking deposit but we do retain credit/debit card information for security purposes and will not hire to anyone without this. If you choose to pay via debit card we will also require credit card information for deposit security purposes. We cannot hire to anyone without this information.

What about insurance?

All our vehicles come with fully comprehensive road risk insurance. Collision damage waiver (CDW) is included in the daily rate charge reducing the policy excess from £1,000 to £400.

In the event of damage to our vehicle the hirer is liable up to the maximum reduced policy excess of £400.

A charge for repairs will apply within the £400 limit if:

  • the accident is the hirer's fault
  • there is no one to claim against
  • the other driver has no insurance
  • tyre or windscreen damage is caused by negligence.

The maximum policy excess of up to £1,000 will apply (at our discretion) for the following:

  • roof and overhead damage
  • any damage caused off a public highway
  • theft when keys are lost or stolen
  • damage or theft caused by negligence
  • any breach of the Rental Agreement - Terms & Conditions (on reverse side of the Short Term Rental Agreement/Invoice) or see the HIRE TERMS page on this website

Are the vans monitored?

All vehicles are fitted with trackers and impact sensors - your driving will be monitored.

Are there any extra charges?

The vehicle must be returned in the condition in which you collected it which includes the same amount of fuel [normally a ¼ tank]. Refuelling, late return and cleaning charges will apply at our discretion.

What use restrictions apply?

The vehicle can only be hired for road use and must not be driven outside the UK.

Who is liable for any fines or parking tickets?

Fines incurred for offences such as speeding or parking penalty tickets are the liability of the driver.

Can I add a second driver?

One additional driver can be added at no extra cost provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

Am I eligible to hire a van?

You can hire a van if you: Have a full UK manual driving licence held for a minimum of three years Have resided in the UK for at least the last 3 years Are over 25 and under 70 years of age.

Who cannot hire a van?

We cannot hire a van to anyone who has:

Connections with professional entertainment or sports activities

Three or more own fault accident claims in the last 3 years.

Four points or more for one offence currently valid on their license

Six or more points currently valid on their licence

The following conviction codes currently valid on their licence including ending prosecution -  AC/BA/CD/DD/DR/IN/MS/TT/UT/XX/S19/S35

Been disqualified from driving in the last five 5 years

Any medical condition which the DVLA has been notified of regarding fitness to drive

A drink driving conviction in the last 10 years or drug driving in the last 11 years

We cannot hire to couriers or itinerant trades persons or anyone who cannot produce a credit or debit card for our security.

What do I need on the day I collect the hire van?

The driver in person must attend and show a UK driving licence [both parts] or an old style one part licence (no photocopies permitted) or from June 01 2015 a licence photocard with proof of address details and national insurance number. Two additional forms of ID are required - a passport (preferred) plus one other for proof of address such as a current Council tax bill, current bank statement/utility bill, current debit or credit card.

Once booked, can I cancel the van hire?

A period 48 hours notice of cancellation is required. If cancellation is made within this period, we reserve the right to charge a 20% cancellation fee.

We reserve the right to refuse hire if we are not satisfied with the driver meeting our eligibility criteria

See Hire Terms For the full terms & conditions of our Rental Hire Agreement.